Sunday, August 30, 2009


The princesses hair finally got long enough to chop it and get rid of those afore mentioned annoying short baby hairs. So, all of her hair is one length!! Yeah!! For the moment, it can't be french braided. :( However, this chop will make it easier to braid in the future. So, for now I am on the look out for cute do's to do with short hair.

This blog has provide some of those cute do's for short hair, although most are for long hair.
I have been stocking this blog lately. Here are two do's I have tried from it:
This blog:, has more ideas for short hair since she has a two year old. Here is one do that I tried from her blog:

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  1. Looks like you are having fun with hair! ;-)
    I'm totally going to have to show Jessica this blog and see if I can get her to let me try anything. I have French-braided her hair only a few times because she isn't very patient with hairdos--doesn't even like to have it brushed, and usually just wants it left down after. Occasionally I can convince her to let me do something simple, but it is rare that I can get her to sit for that long. Maybe I'll have to try the movie idea. Part of the problem is time. Usually when I'd really want it done, we don't have time to do it--like getting ready for school, for example. Anyway, thanks for showing off your talent! And your beautiful princess! :-)