Sunday, August 30, 2009

Accent Braids

I love accent braids. They add a cute touch. As you can tell, I should have used gel...oops. By the way, this is the princess of my friend. She has longer hair than my princess.

I was still in the experimental stage when I made the accent braids here, but I now know how to do them properly. There are two ways. Way #1: take a small section from her hair and braid. And here's the step I missed: When you take your next strand to add to the french braid, you have to take some from above the section that is the accent braid and some from below. That way you hide where the accent braid comes from.

Way #2: Have the section for the accent braid be the same length and width as the rest of the sections that you are adding to your french braid. However, I don't think that this way hides it well enough.


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