Sunday, August 30, 2009

"X" Braid or Criss Cross Classic Pigtail French Braids

This is another favorite of mine. And my kids, who lovingly named it the "X" Braid.

1. Part the hair down the middle into pigtails. And then part the pigtails in half, so you have four sections on her head. Tie back three of the sections. The one left out should be one of the front sections.

2. On Classic pigtail french braids, I usually start the braid with a triangular piece in the front by the part. However, on the criss cross braids start with a small rectangular section above the temple, which is then separated into three pieces to braid with.

3. French braid toward the middle of the head. When you get to the middle, braid for another inch or two before you begin to french braid again with the section opposite the one you're working with.

4. Then, just do the same thing with the other two sections.

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