Monday, September 28, 2009

Spiral Lace - fancy hair-do

This do was super fun. I wasn't sure if the pic with the flash or without was better. My friend came over, and I begged her to let me do her hair. She picked this do.

1. I parted her hair in half so that it was easier to work with. Then I sectioned off a 2-3 inch circle right in the middle of her head. I put that in a pony tail while I sectioned off the rest. I measured about an inch above and below the circle and sectioned off an arch. Then I put that arc in a loose pony tail and did the same on the other side, forming a circle with the arc you just sectioned off. then i put that in a loose pony tail too. Then, just keep sectioning off 1 inch arc's until you have sectioned off all the way out.
2. Start with the circle right in the middle of her hair. Section off a tiny circle (maybe an inch or half an inch) right in the middle of that bigger circle. Divide this section into three strands for the regular braid.
3. Braid 2-3 times, until your ready to add hair from the outside of the circle to the strand closest to the outside. Just like the lace, you will only add sections to the strand closest to the outside of the circle.
4. Remember, when you section of a piece to add to the strand, section all the way across the little 1 inch arc. Add it only to the strand closest to the outside. Then, french braid that strand (and the section added to it) towards the middle, just like a regular french braid. Then, braid the strand closetest to the part without adding a section to it. Remember to keep the braid snug but not too tight, otherwise it will flip.
5. Continue all the way around her head in a spiral shape. As you continue on and on, some little pieces will start to want to stick out. Just keep water and gel handy to braid them into or put them behind the braid.
My friend had to leave before I was all the way done, so with the very outside section, I made "barbie bangs" and then pinned the rest of her hair (at the end of the french braid and the hair from the outer most cirlce) up into a little bun. I pinned the bun to look like a flower. You can see one on either side.

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