Monday, September 28, 2009

Dutch Lace

This do looks like a Dutch lace, but it is actualy a regular lace. But, I did it too tightly and it flipped.

A dutch braid is an inside out french braid. Instead of braiding normal you braid opposite. Essentially, a normal braid (3 strands) will take the outside sections and put them in the middle, alternatingly. A dutch braid takes the middle section and puts it on the outside, alternately.

Anyway, how to do the Lace:
1. Part the hair across the top, and tie back the long back hair. The tighter and smoother you tie it back, the easier.
2. Start above one ear with three strands. Regularily braid 2-3 times or until your ready to add a section to the strand closest to her face.
3. Section off a piece of hair all the way from her face to the part. Add that to the strand closest to her face. Then braid in that strand along with the section added to it, just like a regular french braid. Keep the braid snug but not too tight, otherwise it will flip, like mine. Next time I will also braid close to the part so that the braid will lay over the part.
4. You will only be adding to which ever strand is closest to her face. So, at this point you will braid the strand next to the part with out adding a section to it.
5. Repeat 3 and 4 all the way across her head.
6. When you get to the end, braid all the way down the length of her hair. You can let this hang down, pin it into a bun, or (if your princesses hair is long enough) pin it on the other side, where you started, to make a circle.

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